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and regulations

1. The students are allowed to take the admission in the college only after reading the prospectus and willing to obey the instructions mentioned in it.

2. The students are supposed to take admission only under the supervision of the parents and the parents are requested to visit the college for discussing the progress in the studies of the student.

3. Students have to obey the instructions of the principal for the well discipline of the college.

4. Students are supposed to wear the identity card and uniform on the class days

5. If any of the students are not able to attend the classes due to any reasons they have to get the letter signed by the parent to the class on the next immediate day he attends the class.

6. If the students want to go outside of the college other than at the allowed time he/she has to get the permission from the office.

7. If the student needs to leave the college before the class time ends he/she has to submit the letter from his/her parents to the concerned teacher in the class or in the office.

8. The visitors are not allowed to visit the students at class time without receiving the permission from the office.

9. The students who make any kind of political, caste based or religious discrimination in the college, or any kind of misbehavior to the girls in the college or creating any kind of nuisance to the public will be dismissed from the college.

10. The usage of any kind of intoxicants such as hans, panparag, are never entertained in the college, if any such issues are reported the accused will be dismissed from the college without any consideration.

11. The usage of mobile phones or any other kind of electronic devices in the college by the students are strictly prohibited.

12. Students are not allowed to enter into the library without the permission of the librarian. The books which are taken from the library have to be read from the library reading room itself and to be returned while leaving the library.

13. If the original documents submitted in the office are required by the student for any other purpose , he/ she has to get the letter from the parent one day in advance to the office.

14. The original documents can be claimed from the college only after paying the fees due to the college by the student.

15. Students are not allowed to attend the class without paying the fees at the mentioned time. They are also supposed to keep the receipt of the fee paid with them until they leave the college.

16. The caution deposit can be claimed only when the student provides the receipt of the money paid.

17. Caution deposit can be claimed by only those who complete the course. Those who discontinue the studies will not be given the deposited amount and that will be considered as a loss amount to the institution due to the discontinuation of the student from the college.

18. The students who discontinue the studies has to return all the documents received from the college such as Identity card of the institution, bus concession pass and he / she has to receive all the documents submitted in the office in the presence of his/her parents or guardian.

19. If any kind of misbehavior conducted by the student to spoil the good name of the college or destroying the furniture or any other things of the college then the estimated amount will be taken from the caution deposit. Even after the student is allowed to continue in the college, again he/ she has to pay the caution deposit.